Community Forklift – A Great, Green Resource For Brookland Area Homeowners And Fixer-Uppers

radiators for days!

One of my favorite home improvement destinations is Community Forklift, located near Hyattsville MD. Community Forklift is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to reduce landfill waste by salvaging building materials. We like to re-purpose materials in our projects around the house, and the Forklift is usually our first stop. While it is not in Brookland, let alone DC, I thought it would be of interest to readers since I have neighbors who ask me where they can find items for their older homes; say, for example, turn of the century glass door knobs, or period fire place mantels. Anyone working to maintain the original character of their home or simply fond of antique and re-purposed items would enjoy a visit. For example, they have tons of odd shaped original window replacements, doors in all sizes, sinks from the 1950s, salvaged fence materials, you get the idea. This place is huge! Be forewarned though, Community Forklift is not your typical store. Because it is a nonprofit, it is run on a shoestring budget and is essentially a warehouse. Come dressed warmly, and be prepared to get a little dirty sifting through their merchandise. The staff is always helpful, the store is well organized, and I find the prices are very good on most things. I have heard some folks complain that prices have gone up in recent years, but it is still a bargain for things for your older home that you simply cannot find elsewhere nearby. They let you bring your dog inside to boot. Community Forklift is about a 15 minute drive to 4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston MD 20781 . Their hours are Tuesday 12-6, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 10-6, Saturday & Sunday 9-6 (closed Mondays). Here are some photos I took on a recent trip out there.

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