Brookland In Photos – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

As the temperatures drop, more holiday lights are going up. Kudos to these two houses in particular – I mean, pure awesomeness! This one is from 7th St. NE – extra props for being the only house on the block with lights!

This house is on the 900 block of Irving NE. As usual, a nice show.

2 thoughts on “Brookland In Photos – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!”

  1. Yay! Excited to see my house on this site (top photo). One of my favorite things about this season is hanging up Christmas lights, and seeing other homes lit up as well!!

    1. Woot-woot! Great job! 🙂
      We love decorating and checking out the homes around the neighborhood too. Hoping to get some more pics of decorated houses up soon.

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