Brookland In Photos: The Sheds of Brookland Part 2

This is an ongoing series of photos where I get to indulge in shed-envy. I just love this little guy because of the colors – green, cobalt and terra-cotta. I find the worn part of the door exposing the color underneath in charming juxtaposition with the straight lines and angles of the rest of the shed.

2 thoughts on “Brookland In Photos: The Sheds of Brookland Part 2”

  1. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your comment! We are still in the formation stage and working through some kinks, but the interest in the blog so far has been much better than we expected. 🙂 I hadn’t seen the Brookland Pinterest site, thanks so much for sharing. There are some great photos there. We welcome feedback and ideas for stories, hope you keep coming back.


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