What’s Up With Marc, The New Chancellor’s Row Homeowner?

This is part 4 of a story following Marc, a new Brookland resident, as his home at the EYA Chancellor’s Row development is being constructed.

Marc Posing At The Rough In Of His Future Wet Bar. Yeah, We Can Visualize The Drinks Too!

The last time we did an update on our good buddy Marc and his future home was just about one month ago. At that time a lot was starting to take shape, but his home was still, well, rough. By now a lot of finishing touches are starting to emerge, and wow, are they nice. Aside from having real, actual walls now instead of just drywall, one of the biggest steps forward was the installation of the mahogany finished hardwood floors – very, very nice. Really though, the star of the show so far is the kitchen. Marc was a little nervous about how his selection of  granite countertops and cabinet finishes would come together; since it was a little hard to visualize what the finished product would look like when completed just by looking at the samples. I was with him for the “big reveal” and we both breathed a huge sigh of relief – everything looks great! I love the light color of the cabinets, they really create a modern, clean look that will balance nicely with his eventual backsplash and the granite, which has interesting tones of color throughout. In total, Marc will have three full baths and one half bath. All the tile work, tubs and sinks are completed for those, and the master bath has a jaw droppingly gorgeous, and huge, shower – I swear five people can fit in that thing! Things should continue to move along quickly as he is scheduled to take possession of the home in January. When he has some spare time, Marc has been introducing his friends from Logan Circle and Adams Morgan to some of the Brookland area’s finer points such as growler hours with food trucks at Chocolate City Beer on Saturdays. Here are a bunch of pictures of the progress made on Marc’s home in the last month.

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