Happy New Year To Brookland And Beyond!

2012 was a great year for us, we started the blog, saw a lot of positive changes in the neighborhood and made new friends. Hope  2013 brings everyone out there peace, good health and good times!

Photo credit: RANdom Walkway  tumblr

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year To Brookland And Beyond!”

  1. That was a very special fire for me. Let me explain.

    This past Spring I came home to Brookland. After being born and raised in Brookland I purchased my own house in DC 20 years ago and moved out. My mother continued to live in our family house until she passed away 4 years ago. My wife and I bought my sisters interest in the house, lovingly renovated it over the course of a year, and we moved back into my old house several months ago. As you can imagine each nook and cranny of this house is filled with memories. The fire in the picture was the first one we lit since moving in and it was the last one my mom had prepared before she passed.

    I love Brookland, I love this house, and I love our fires.

    Happy New Year!

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