Monroe St. Market (Catholic U) Development Update: Artswalk, Arts Flex On Pace For Summer 2013 Delivery

Monroe Street Market Rendering Courtesy of Abdo and The Bozzuto Group
Bozzuto Representative Explaining The Studio Layouts

I was lucky enough to take part in a recent hard-hat tour of the Artswalk area of the Monroe Street Market (Catholic U) Development. The “C Block” building, depicted above, is located between Monroe St. and Michigan Ave, at 8th St. NE. It will have 152 residences, retail facing Monroe St., NE and a pedestrian walkway down the center lined with 27 artist studios. The residences will be called the “Brookland Works” and are described by the Bozzuto Group, one of the developers, as “Industrial-Chic living”.  The rental units will be a mix of studios, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. The artists studios will range from 300 – 650 sq. feet and will sport all glass garage style doors that will encourage interaction with the public. Some artist studios will have patios facing the stretch of the Met Branch Trail that will run alongside the building. Artists interested in leasing space have until February 1st, 2013 to apply and should contact  Cultural DC, who will act as a liaison between artists and the developers and will assist in evaluating artist applications for studio space. The residences and studios are on pace to be delivered by the summer of 2013. I asked if there were any new retail agreements in place, and while they are in discussions with several retailers, there was nothing that they could announce. Here are some current photos of the Artswalk/Studio areas under development.

Artswalk Studio Layouts


Shell Of Art Studios On East Side Of The Development. These Studios Will Face The Met Branch Trail.
Row Of Studio Patios Facing The Met Branch Trail
View Of A Future Stretch Of The Met Branch Trail That Will Run Along The Property And The Metro Tracks
Entrance Ramp Of The Met Branch Trail From The Intersection Of Monroe and 8th Streets, NE
Additional Studio Layouts
Studio Space Shell
Studio Space Shell

At the north end of the Artswalk there will be an Arts Plaza with direct access to the Metro. The pedestrian-only space will be highlighted by an 80 ft. decorative steel tower, a water feature, a stage for live performances, and a green wall covering the south side of the Drew Bridge. Here is a rendering of what the area will look like when completed.

Brookland Development NE Washington DC
Monroe Street Market C Block/Arts Plaza Rendering Courtesy of Abdo and The Bozzuto Group.
Future Arts Plaza (Catholic U Side Metro Entrance In The Background, Just Past The Bridge)
West Side Of Future Arts Plaza
Across the street from the Artswalk, at the south-east intersection of Monroe and 8th Streets, NE. is the Arts Flex building, also progressing nicely. We posted about this exciting public space back in October. It will host artist, community, and university events.  The design calls for one large industrial space and a large front patio/plaza area. The Arts Flex building is slated to be delivered in Summer 2013. As a reminder, here is how the Arts Flex building will look when completed.
Catholic University Development Brookland NE Washington DC
East Side of Arts Flex, Rendering courtesy of Maurice Walters Architect, Inc.
You Can See The Base Of The Building Starting To Take Shape
The Arts Flex Is Next To The Metro Tracks
I am very excited about how this development is geared toward promoting the arts. We will keep you updated as things progress. Summer 2013 is just around the corner, so we anticipate rapid progress over the next few months.

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  1. I echo the thanks for your comprehensive updates! I love the Yards Park concerts in the summer…hopefully this venue will pave the way to a similar Brookland version for Summer 2013.

    1. You’re welcome! Yep, I am hoping there will be a line up of musical acts on a regular basis to really generate consistent foot traffic. I am so excited! 🙂

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