Cool, Funky, Art And Antique Shop, Zamo’s, Opens On 12th St. In Brookland!

Check out the monkey lamp!

Today I came across a new business called Zamo’s that just opened in Brookland. The owner of the shop is an artist named Michael, and he intends to use the space at 3619 12th St. NE, formerly a Century 21 office, as his studio and a quirky art and antique shop. We are really happy to see some signs of life on that stretch of 12th St. NE. Since Cafe Sureia closed in early summer, things have been pretty quiet over there. For now the store will be open on the weekends, as Michael works to transform the space, which is pretty raw right now, into a productive studio space. This is the type of place I am hoping takes root on 12th St. – we need homegrown, unique establishments to balance the influx of new development that will no doubt bring chain stores. Wouldn’t it be cool if Brookland develops a row of funky, hip, artsy, independent stores? One can dream. We hope a lot of folks come out to support this new spot. Good luck Michael!

6 thoughts on “Cool, Funky, Art And Antique Shop, Zamo’s, Opens On 12th St. In Brookland!”

    1. Really? Were they consuming coffee? I can’t tell you how many times I have passed by, looking for signs of life. Today even. The property is not on the market for lease/sale as far as I’ve been able to tell. I have been tempted to do a post on it, but without new information to share, seems kinda pointless.

  1. I’m not sure. I was getting some gas across the street and I notice a few people in there. My initial thought was “cool, they’ve reopened” but I did stop by to take a closer look.

  2. I spoke with Ms Sureia in early October, and she said they were reopening, but since then I have seen no movement. As for this little antique shop – this is a great addition to the neighborhood!

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