Join Me At Casey Trees Class: “Trees And Storms”

This Thursday November 29 at 6:30 pm I am going to attend the first class of the “Storms and Trees” series at Casey Trees. Like many Brooklanders I love the trees in our neighborhood. Unfortunately severe weather can cause major damage to our treescape. At the same time trees and branches can fall on power lines and residents have to deal with the loss of electricity. Here is the context of the class from the Casey Trees website:

While street trees only comprise 7% of the District’s canopy, these trees are often the most visible part of the urban canopy. So when storms, like Hurricane Sandy, cause trees to become hazardous it is very noticeable in the urban environment. Join us for the first class in our Trees and Storms series where you’ll learn what makes a tree a hazard and the importance of the right tree for the right place. In this first installment, participants will hear from representatives from PEPCO and the Urban Forestry Administration (UFA) about how their organizations manage street trees to prevent them from becoming hazards and interrupting city services. Come prepared with questions for our instructors and ready to learn about your role in protecting our urban canopy.

Getting There

The Metrorail station is Brookland-CUA (Red Line) which is a 10 minute walk. The Metrobus stop is near the intersection of 12th and Irving Street NE (served by the H8) or the Brookland-CUA Metro station (served by the H2, H4, H6, G8, R4 and 80). At our office, there is ample street parking and we accommodate bicycles on-site.


Earl Eutsler, Suprivisory Forester, Urban Forestry Administration, ISA Certified Arborist

Nathan McElroy, Staff Forester, PEPCO, ISA Certified Arborist

Who Should Attend?

Open to the general public for anyone interested in learning about how trees in Washington are managed to prevent becoming hazards and what you can do to protect D.C.’s urban canopy.


All attendees will be provided with a light dinner. Please note your dietary preferences and/or allergies when registering so we can attempt to accommodate your needs.


Join me and register online.

2 thoughts on “Join Me At Casey Trees Class: “Trees And Storms””

  1. Can Casey Trees start offering these type of classes online? Many of us work and can’t spend the time to physically attend classes. I’ve been taking a number of online classes and love it. I would even be willing to pay a small fee to attend Casey Trees classes/training online. Let’s do it!

  2. Les,
    Thank you for your suggestion. I am sorry that you won’t be able to attend the class. Maybe you know of friends or family who would be interested in attending. Spread the word 🙂
    I can not comment on behalf of Casey Trees, but I would be happy to forward your concern to the education team at Casey Trees. I am sure they will circle back with you to share their plans for the future.
    Best, Astrid

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