Monroe Street Market/Catholic U Development Clears The Way For A Stretch Of The Met Branch Trail

Brookland Met Branch Trail NE Washington DCLast week, the vegetation between the “C” block building of the Monroe Street Market (Catholic U) development and the Metro tracks was cleared. While normally I am not a fan of clear cutting in the name of development, a lot of it was overgrown shrubs and vines, and with the exception of two smaller evergreens,  I don’t think there were any true viable trees in the bunch. The good news is that this area will become a stretch of the Met Branch Trail and will connect with a part of the MBT that exists now, which is routed along a sidepath of John McCormack Road on Catholic U’s campus. This will bring the trail one small step closer to being a completely off-road trail. I am hoping/assuming that there will be quite a bit of re-planting once the trail is complete, as the renderings of the development show a line of trees along the border of the property and the Metro tracks. I am not sure when this stretch of the MBT will be complete, but since the C block is slated to be delivered by June/July 2013, I am assuming it will be ready by then or sooner. So, as a reminder, here is how the MBT is supposed to look when complete (lower left of the rendering below).

Brookland Development NE Washington DC
Monroe Street Market C Block/Artswalk Rendering Courtesy of The Bozzuto Group.

2 thoughts on “Monroe Street Market/Catholic U Development Clears The Way For A Stretch Of The Met Branch Trail”

  1. I am happy to hear that the trail will continue off the roadway. Hopefully the stretch between Franklin and Monroe will get the same treatment!

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