Brookland’s Menomale Feaured On Nonstop Foodies: DC on NBC 4 Washington!

Ward 5 Happy Hour Brookland NE Washington DC
MMmm MMmm Menomale

Seems like our amazing little neighborhood pizza joint is getting more and more positive exposure across the city all the time. On Friday camera crews from NBC 4 were at Menomale to film this short spot narrated by Washington Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema. According to Menomale’s Facebook page, it ran on Friday night’s NBC 4 broadcast of Nonstop Foodies: DC. Awesome! Click here to view the video. (Menomale is located at 2711 12th St. NE.)

4 thoughts on “Brookland’s Menomale Feaured On Nonstop Foodies: DC on NBC 4 Washington!”

    1. Glad its not a secret… that way there are more reasons for people to come and check out our part of town. When I first moved here and told people I lived in Brookland, the response was always “where??”. Now its, “Oh yeah that’s a nice area!”.

  1. …and the more people hear about Menomale and Brookland, the more likely we are to get a few additional dining spots as well! Any updates on what is happening at the Library?

    1. Hi Jen,
      I have heard different rumors about the Library, all with some variation, but that both parties (the owner and the buyer) have walked away from the deal. I don’t post things until I can validate what is going on. My guess is that the deal is off since there has been no activity, no permits listed, etc, since the place shut down. Booooooo 🙁

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