Catching Up With Marc, Chancellor’s Row Homeowner

This is part 3 of a story following Marc, a new Brookland resident, as his home at the EYA Chancellor’s Row development is being constructed.

Brookland Development NE Washington DC

The last time we caught up with Marc,  in mid October, his home was starting to really take shape. We did a walk through a little while back and were able to get an idea of how his new home is going to be laid out. (By now, the drywall is up, pics of that to come.) As you can see, the external brick work has been completed. Looking good Marc! The big highlight for me was the awesome top level with a two sided indoor/outdoor fireplace. Marc also has amazing views if the Basilica and, on a clear day, you can spot the monuments downtown – niiiiice.

So, right now, our friend Marc is a busy bee! There are lots of decisions to be made, for example, whether to list or rent his condo. Ultimately,  he decided to sell. Which meant a few weekends of hard work to get the place ready. He had an open house for his condo last weekend, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for him. He is also saving his pennies to furnish his new Chancellor’s Row digs, which includes commissioning some art work from a local Brookland artist. Since moving to his temporary pad here in Brookland, he has also been busy checking out the neighborhood’s amenities including Menomale, B’Cafe and the occasional “Kingdom Lord Pizza” from Pizza Kingdom. He was also excited to spread the word about Little Ricky’s to friends who live outside the area. So far he says he loving the genuine neighborhood feel of Brookland.


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