Brookland’s Menomale Scores A Nice Review By The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema!

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MMMM-MMMMM Menomale. Photo credit: Scott Suchman/The Washington Post

We Brooklanders already know that DC’s best pizza resides right here on 12th St. at Menomale. But, it’s great to see them get some credit where it is due. The restaurant was recently reviewed by Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post. If you don’t know who he is – this is kind of a big deal. He only has over 23,000 followers on Twitter, for example. So what did he have to say about our beloved Menomale?

Tip No. 1: Starters tend to be outsize, and little of what I’ve sampled — unwieldy marinated seafood, caprese salad with cottony tomatoes — is worth taking space away from Rusciano’s typically thin, lightly blistered and pleasantly yeasty pizzas. There are more than a dozen, including a zippy Diavola scattered with spicy salami and peperoncino. Tip No. 2: You’re missing half the fun if you don’t imbibe or at least listen to Estes expound on his favorite subject. Smashed Blueberry, a hybrid between a porter and a Scotch ale, smells like a warm fruit pie but tastes of chocolate and coffee; Baladin Nora Sour is an Egyptian-inspired brew from Italy that hints of coriander.

The only downside is that now everyone will know what a gem we have and it may become yet even more popular. Last night, there was an hour wait. An hour. For a restaurant in Brookland. Could you have imagined saying that a year ago? Congrats Menomale, well done!

3 thoughts on “Brookland’s Menomale Scores A Nice Review By The Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema!”

  1. They really need some heaters for the outdoor section now that its getting cold, and they have quickly outgrown their inside space!!

    1. Agreed. Menomale is obviously aware that space is an issue. The have applied for the permits that would allow them to extend the property to include a more permanent, enclosed ourdoor space that could be used year-round. But, we all know how slow things work with things like restaurant permits. Especially because this type of permit requires ANC approval/input. It will probably be spring before it gets approved.

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