After “Frankenstorm” Sandy – Only A Few Trees Down In Brookland

Hello Neighbors,

I made quick round through the neighborhood this morning. Of course I wasn’t able to hit every single block, but I was surprised how little damage I saw driving through our streets. The wind gusts and heavy rain last night made me expect a much worse situation. But for the most part I only found scattered branches and clusters of wet leaves. Most of the streets are open for traffic.

But I did come across a few sites with tree damage and blocked roads. 10th Street is closed between Irving and Hamlin because of a topped off Oak tree. Pepco was already on site to start removing the tree and to repair the cut power line.

The next down tree I found on 14th Street by the Monastery. I am not sure, if this tree fell yesterday, because I haven’t driven this way for quiet a while. A shame nonetheless.

A tree came down from the back yard at 8th and Jackson Street to crush the fence and fall in front of a line of row houses on Jackson. I talked to one of the residents who lives in one of these row houses. According to her nobody got hurt. Only minor damage was caused to a parked car and a cable line came down with the tree.

It looks like Brookland made it through this horrific storm just fine. I think we can consider ourselves lucky.

UPDATE 5 pm:  The tree on 10th Street is still blocking traffic. No attempt has been made to remove it yet.



2 thoughts on “After “Frankenstorm” Sandy – Only A Few Trees Down In Brookland”

  1. Oddly, I think we have the microburst thunderstorm of June 22 (the one just prior to the derecho) to thank for Brookland getting past Sandy relatively unscathed. I believe the microburst knocked down most of the weak trees in the area and thus when the derecho and Sandy came along the strong trees could withstand the winds and didn’t fall.

  2. My thought as well. We lost power for nearly 2 days following the mircroburst, but had only a few flickers of the lights durning both the derecho and Sandy. We consider ourselves fortunate!

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