Monroe St. Market / Catholic U Development Update – Lots of Progress! External Brick Work!

by Shani on October 29, 2012

Ok folks, since you are stuck at home, waiting for Sandy’s wrath, how about a Monroe Street Market/Catholic University development update with lots of pics to cheer you up? Probably the most exciting news to report is that the brick exterior started going up on the north side of  the “C Block” of Monroe St. Market’s Artwalk (the buildings that will house artist studios, retail and apartments) here are some pics of how the brick work is turning out. Also, balcomies are starting to go in on the top floors. Looks pretty great to me!













So that’s what’s going on outside. On the inside of the C Block  buildings, rough ins continue and insulation and drywall have already begun in some areas. Just for fun, here are some before, during and “after”/rendering pics. Here is the north side of the C Block before construction began:






Artswalk/Monroe Street Market Rendering courtesy of Abdo/Buzzuto Group


Here is the south side of the C Block before, during and “after”/rendering pics.  Before:





Artswalk/Monroe Street Market Rendering Courtesy of ABDO/The Buzzuto Group


Taking at look at the other blocks, it is amazing to see how fast these other buildings are going up. Here are some pics of the “B Block”.  As you can see, a lot of the concrete structural work has been done, so we should be seeing masonry stair towers and then wood framing soon.  When the B Block is completed it is going to be six stories tall (!). I tried to line up the “before and after angles” on top of one another:
















B Block Rendering Courtesy of ABDO/The Buzzuto Group

Every time I pass by the “A Block” there is an army of construction workers getting it done. I can’t believe how much progress is made everytime I pass by. The underground garage has been carved out and concrete laid, and now they are making progress on laying the ground level deck. Here’s how it looks now:










A Block Rendering Courtesy of ABDO/The Buzzuto Group

Lastly, I noticed something interesting under the Drew bridge. A cherry picker, and some kind of barrier. I am guessing some kind of work/beautification/cleaning is being done on the bridge. Who knows? I’ll keep my eye on it, as lingering around construction sites seems to be my new pastime.

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Mary Hodges October 31, 2012 at 4:42 pm

Thanks again for keeping us up to date Shani! I’m so excited about the progress!


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