Non-Profit Org, First Time Computers, Is Leaving Brookland For Lower Rent

Brookland NonProfit NE Washington DC

Washington DC NE Non Profit OrganizationsWe were saddened to hear First Time Computers is leaving Brookland in search of cheaper rents, probably relocating in South East or South West DC. Located at the corner of 12th and Irving, they currently occupy the commercial space at  3101 12th Street NE. During the time we got to know them over the last 3 years, they have been great neighbors. For example, they have helped with neighborhood tree plantings, signed petitions to help get stop signs, and always take the time to say hello when you pass by. Their cause, to “empower low-income residents by building their computer resources and facilitating their Internet access” is one we believe in. It was great to see the positive, young people coming and going from their office. We wish them the best of luck at their new location!


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