Update On Noyes Playground Overhaul

Playground Brookland NE Washington DC
What Noyes Playground Looks Like Today

The community surrounding Brookland’s Noyes Elementary School has been clamoring for improvements to its playground for over 10 years. At the ANC 5B04 meeting last night, we found out that we are inching closer to realizing that goal. Since the last update meeting 3 months ago, the Request For Proposals (RFP) went out to potential contractors. (Read the RPF here.) The RFP sought a company to design and construct the playground based on community feedback gathered in early summer. By September, 11 proposals came back and by now the DC Department of General Services has finished their review. However, they cannot release the name of the contractor selected since the contract is still in negotiation. The good news is that the winning proposal came in under a million dollars, which means it will not have to go through City Council review. It is expected that the contract will be signed by the end of month. Then the design and permitting process starts and we will be able to see the concept picture below transformed into construction renderings. Bottom line, March 2013  the earliest we can expect construction to start. Check back here for updates, although it is unlikely that we will hear anything new till February or so.

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4 thoughts on “Update On Noyes Playground Overhaul”

  1. Overall, it looks great! Is it too late to provide feedback about the park design? I am curious about why there’s a full section for sod at the top left-hand side of the drawing. Also, was it a request from the community to include adult fitness equipment?

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for reading and commenting. Unfortunately, it is pretty much too late to change the design. Due to the procurement process, if major design elements were changed, it could cause serious delays. This is because one or more of the 10 companies that lost the competition could challenge the process – since they could claim that they would have submitted different proposals/price quotes, had they known about the final (changed) design. This would bring us back to square one. There are small things that may be tweaked, for example, a number of us felt that the picnic tables should be next to the BBQ grills. Since that change is merely moving around existing design elements, it’s not that big a change.

      RE: the sod patch (and the sod perimeter). I am pretty sure that is because members of the community wanted a little (real) grass included in the plan. The large “multi purpose field” in the center most likely will not be sod/grass, and will be some kind of “turf” material. The reason being is that it will be harder to maintain a grass area that is used for sports, and turf will dry quickly and thus be available for play in about an hour after the rain.

      RE: The adult fitness equipment. I can’t claim to know if that specifically came from the community, because I was not at the three design sessions held with the comunity – but – what I gathered is that pretty much what you see there is a direct reflection of community wishes. I think the DGS is in a tough position of trying to make a lot of people with different opinions happy.

      Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Lisa, FYI, a representative from DGS will be at the next BNCA meeting to discuss Noyes and upcoming renovations to Turkey Thicket, so you could 1) ask questions about Noyes and 2) get in early on the input to the TT improvements. The BNCA meeting announcement will be posted later in the week here on the blog, but it will be on Saturday, Nov 10th at 10:00 am at the Howard Divinity School, 1400 Sheperd St. NE.

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