Brookland’s Historic Round House Hits The Market With Informative Website

Historic Home NE Washington DCThere has been much speculation and anticipation surrounding one of Brookland’s iconic structures – the beloved Round House. We covered the renovation of this gem here. Now word comes that the house is staged and ready for its open house this Sunday, October 21st from 1 – 4 pm. The house now has its own website where you can check out great photos and learn about the history and renovation of the house. Kudos to realtors Jake Abbott and Shemaya Klar for putting together such an informative, impressive website!

4 thoughts on “Brookland’s Historic Round House Hits The Market With Informative Website”

  1. Nice to see they built a website but this morning all we get is the front page the rest seems to be blank fields. I wanted to read more about the History of the house but nothing is there at the moment. I wonder if it is a server fail somewhere or just isn’t posted at this time.

  2. Just checked it out this afternoon and met Shemaya, who happens to be my neighbor – one block back. They did a very nice job with the house. It’s wonderful to have sych gems in Brookland.

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