Keeping Up With Marc, Chancellor’s Row Homeowner

This is part 2 of a story following a Marc, a new Brookland resident, as his home at the EYA Chancellor’s Row development is being constructed.

Marc earlier this summer, after the foundation was laid.

When we introduced Marc a few months ago, his home was just a dirt lot. Now, he has walls! We caught up with him following a meeting with the EYA contractor. He was happy to report that his home “is ahead of schedule. Originally, it was going to be ready by the middle or end of March. Now they are talking about the end of January.”  As you can see from the pictures below, the insulation is up, and Marc tells us that the facade will be going up shortly as well.  He has already selected all of his interior design elements such as the carpet, cabinets, wood floor finishes and countertops. I asked about the selection process and he said “there was a wide selection and everything was an option – which was amazing – even things like where to put the recessed lighting had to be decided.”  Marc shared that he was selective about where to splurge, on cabinets and floors for example; and that he passed over some of the more luxurious options such as heated bathroom flooring.

Marc will be living in Brookland with a friend while he waits to take possession of his new home, which will allow him to get to know the neighborhood better. He is already making friends in the CR community, even meeting up with future neighbors recently at the H Street Festival. He tells us that there is a CR listserv “which is very active. There are some folks talking about forming a poker group. There is also a book club, running group, and play group for families with children.”  Overall, Marc said he is very excited about his new home. Having the walls go up and being able to physically enter the space has helped him to visualize how it will all come together. He added, “and the market price of my unit has already gone up and it’s not even completed yet!” I would be excited about that too. Stay tuned for future updates as we follow the progress of Marc’s home.

13 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Marc, Chancellor’s Row Homeowner”

  1. Here’s a follow-up question — do you think this is actually Brookland? Some people think this is Edgewood. Where do you come down on this discussion?

    1. That is a tough question. I am actually planning a story on this very topic – where does Brookland begin and end? Seems like everyone has a different opinion and my plan is to interview lot of people about this when I get around to it. Unfortunately, there is no “official” or government designated boundries that I know of.

      I know some people say that the western border of Brookland stops at the Metro tracks. But, I have always associated Catholic U with Brookland, and they associate themselves with Brookland ( ). So, I think it would be weird to say Brookland stops at the tracks – except Catholic U. So, I also tend to think of at least 7th and 8th St. NE as part of Brookland – with the south boundry (on the west side of the tracks) being the start of the Met Branch Trail/Franklin St. I am sure a lot of Edgewood folks might take issue with this. But, places like Dance Place over there also self-identify as being in Brookland. So, that leaves Chancellor’s Row right on the just inside, or at least on the cusp of Brookland, in my opinion. But, hey, who am I? Just a person with a blog! Hope this helps in some way… 🙂

      1. Thanks, Shani. As an about-to-be resident of the area, I am curious as to what to tell people when they ask where I live. Brookland has the Metro stop monitor, so I tend to use that, or “near Catholic University,” if they don’t know where Brookland is. But I know some of your blogger compatriots who write about Edgewood think the Chancellor’s Row community is in Edgewood. Is it OK if I claim both? 🙂

  2. I also think the Brookland-Edgewood distinction is an interesting topic. I tend to think those areas that are in close proximity to a neighborhood with a better reputation tend to associate themselves with that neighborhood regardless of their actual location. Take Potomac, MD for instance. There is a large section of Rockville that has assumed the “North Potomac” moniker.

    From a landmark perspective I too agree Catholic U is a part of Brookland. To me this makes CR a part of Brookland. The NE quadrant is going through a boom and if this trend continues I don’t think it will much matter.

  3. Another issue of concern with CR residents is that they need to encourage picking up after their dogs. At one ANC meeting this was an issue raised. It seems CR has lots of land for dog walking, so I don’t understand why the community isn’t using that land for their dogs and picking up after them. You can contact the ANC Commissioner in that area for specifics. The ANC would like to put up “poop you scoop” signs to encourage CR residents to pick up their dog waste.

  4. Les, I do know that there are a couple of signs in the Chancellor’s Row development that do encourage dog owners to do just that. Just passing that on.

  5. Welcome Marc to Chancellor’s Row and Brookland.

    It was explained to me that way back in the day, Brookland is the west side of Rhode Island Avenue and Brentwood is the East side of Rhode Island Avenue. However, with all the development and transition going on and the new apartments at Rhode Island Avenue Metro I also believe those boundaries will change as will the neighborhoods.

    Bottomline, welcome to Chancellor’s Row and welcome home.

    Chancellor’s Row and Brookland Resident.
    Regent Place

  6. Hi all,

    I am a recent CR home owner…well the house is being built. While I am not new to DC, I own a condo in Bloomingdale, I am new to Brookland.

    My partner and I are VERY excited about what this area of the city has to offer.

    If anyone reading this could refer me to the CR listserve, I would greatly appreciate it. As I go and check the status of the house almost every weekend, I am meeting people little by little.

    PS: I love this blog too!


    1. Hi Frank,
      Welcome to the neighborhood! Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you are enjoying the blog. I believe the CR listserv is only for folks like you who live, or will live in CR, so I am not on it. But, from what I understand, it is actually a Google Group. So, if you search for it, you should be able to sign up. If this doesn’t work, I guess contact the good people at CR. Keep a look out for the monthly Greater Brookland LGBT events too. We have a great, active community here that is very welcoming. Our next event is a happy hour at Little Ricky’s on Thursday, Nov 15th. It would be great to meet you and your partner.
      All the best,

  7. Chancellor’s Row HOA,

    Looking forward to meeting all the new Home Owners Association residents at Chancellor’s Row in September – 2013.

    John Griffin
    Vice President

    Butler Security, Inc.
    3406 Annapolis Road
    Halethorpe, MD 21227
    (443) 773-0146 Tel.

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