Project Rain Barrel – Do It Yourself

This is the story about my latest DIY project …… a rain barrel.

I spent a lot of time online looking at all kind of different options. From complete ready to install systems from the home improvement or specialized garden stores, most of them ugly – to used barrels, you never know what you get – to plain food grade barrels that still needed a spigot and overflow fittings – and everything in between.

I finally came across a website that sparked my interest. Veteran Compost is a business owned, managed and staffed by veterans and veteran family members. Their main product, as the name says, is compost. But they also build and sell rain barrels, that are available in original blue ($70), or painted ($150). I was very close to ordering one of their painted designs, but I did one more “google” search for individually designed rain barrel images. I found an easy method to design my own barrel. So I placed an order with Veteran Compost for a blue barrel. The transformation and installation of the barrel can be seen here:


3 thoughts on “Project Rain Barrel – Do It Yourself”

    1. PC,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad that this post has given you some useful ideas. Please know that the “Compost Veteran” operation is very simple. I chose to pick up my barrel at the Arlington VA location. It turned out that is was the residence of one of the staff employees. But everything went well and I loaded my barrel into my car at the time it was promised to be available.
      Good luck with your project,


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