Sneak Peek Of The New Casey Trees Planting Annex

Casey Trees Garage Brookland NE Washington DC

Many thanks to the good folks at Casey Trees for giving us a sneak peek of their nearly completed Tree Planting Annex. Over the past two years Casey Trees has made a major investment in our neighborhood and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as neighbors. (If you would like to check out some before and after pics of this transformation, and an interview with Mark Buscaino, Executive Director of Casey Trees, see an earlier post here.) The Tree Planting Annex is located 3015 12th Street NE and is across the street from the Casey office headquarters. We are glad to see that their operations are going so well that they need to expand!  Not only is this building great looking, but it is eco-friendly in a lot of ways, here are few:

  • It replaced a defunct gas station (yay!)
  • Its solar panels will provide over 50% of the electricity needed to run the building
  • Water run off will be directed to their rain garden
  • The soils and gravel used will promote better water drainage  and dispersion
  • Reclaimed wood was used for the beautiful exterior wood accents

There is a tree lot next to the building, used to store trees waiting to be planted. The first floor of the building is used as storage space for tools and the second floor has offices and some nice facilities including showers and lockers for employee use. Hope you enjoy the photos.

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