Ramen World Returns To Mess Hall – Get Your Tickets Before they Are Gone

Nearby culinary incubator, Mess Hall, is a food community where DC-based food entrepreneurs come together to cook, share and collaborate. We thought neighbors with culinary interests would want to check out Ramen World, an annual event that always sells out. As a bonus, you get to check out MomoYakitori, the restaurant coming to Rhode Island Ave.  From the event page:

#RamenAllStars :

  • Himitsu – DC’s hard-to-get table (and one of Bon Appetit’s Top 50 Best New Restaurants) comes to Ramen World! Chef Kevin Tien and Carlie Steiner’s ultra popular concept will make its best ramen bowl this one day only.
  • Daikaya and Bantam King and Haikan – Chef Katsuya Fukushima represents his trifecta of restaurants and presents multiple dishes to demonstrate his inventive uses of ramen.
  • Paper Horse – Ramen Powerhouse Erik Bruner Yang (famed founder of Maketto, Brothers & Sisters, and Toki Underground) shows off his newest ramen concept starring Chef Mike Galyen!
  • Wolfgang Puck’s The Source – Chef Russell Smith, known for everything from dumplings to Peking Duck to buns, demonstrates his ideal bowl of ramen.
  • Chaplin’s Ramen House & Cocktail Bar – This Shaw institution shows off its authentic ramen.
  • Abunai – The big red truck will be parked outside, serving up a modern Hawaiian ramen dish.


  • NOMAD DUMPLiNGS – Mess Hall Member Karen Hoefener serves up undoubtedly the best dumplings in DC!

  • Momo Yakitori – BE THE FIRST TO TRY these traditional Japanese skewers COMING SOON to 2214 Rhode Island Ave, NE.

Mess Hall is located at 703 Edgewood St. NE.

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