Development Update: Monroe Street Market’s Final Phase

Rendering courtesy of Monroe Street Market via Urban Turf

The impact the Monroe Street Market development has had on Brookland is remarkable. Besides bringing over 500 apartments and a big fancy Starbucks, it has been a catalyst for development all over the area. Still, there has been one last parcel,  Block E, that has remained undeveloped for all these years. Long hoped to house a grocer, the empty lot between 7th and 8th Streets and Monroe Street NE may finally be lurching towards completion. We learned from this article in Urban Turf that Monroe Street Market is planning on some changes to the mixed use six-story building. From the article:

In addition to having a different color palette and materiality, the new design by Maurice Walters Architect also includes the following modifications:

  • The addition of a second residential lobby on Monroe Street;
  • The creation of a larger landscape buffer abutting the adjacent property on Lawrence Street;
  • Altering the design and size of windows, the design and quantity of dormers, and the design of railings and balconies.

Because demand for parking at the already-delivered buildings has been low, leaving 285 unleased spaces available, the applicant is seeking to remove the second level of parking…

It will probably be a good while before construction is underway, since a zoning hearing has not been scheduled yet. Neighbors interested in learning more about this development should attend the ANC 5E meeting on January 16th at 7:00 pm for a presentation on the changes. The meeting will be at the Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School in the Cafeteria at 1400 1st Street, NW (1st & P St). We will let you know when we hear anything new.

12 thoughts on “Development Update: Monroe Street Market’s Final Phase”

  1. Demand for parking may be low among residents but I would venture that short term (1-2 hr) parking demand is probably through the roof. Lack of any place to put the car is the primary reason why we only patronize the businesses in the Monroe Street Market area in good weather when we can walk or bike over.

    1. You do realize they have short-term parking in the MSM garage, right? It’s hardly ever used. Right under the chipotle.

      Rates for paid parking are:
      Up to 30 mins: Free
      30 mins – 1 hour: $1
      1 – 2 hours: $5
      2 – 4 hours: $8
      Max: $15

  2. Hooray! I’m tired of that empty lot. Also, I’m so glad they opted to redesign the building so that it doesn’t match the one next door. Something to look forward to!

    1. Hi Pierre – I have no idea, but I am assuming someone will ask at the ANC meeting. It would be interesting to see where they would put a loading dock for a supermarket – maybe create an alley between the back of the building and the residential houses – ?

        1. Thanks for posting that link, Pierre. Looks like there will be a couple loading docks, one for residential and one for retail.

          In application tab D in the link you posted, the developer discusses “Loading” which is a 30′ berth for retail, however there is no indication this will be for a grocer/food market. Looks like in one of the pictures though they added the sign “market” to the design. Hopefully this is reflective of things to come…

          1. Oh I see the loading dock now in application tab 2 part 1. Looks like the square footage for the average large grocer (whole foods, harris teeter etc.) is 30-45k sq ft while the average size for a Trader Joes or MOMs organic is 15k sq ft. Under the proposed development amendments, the retail space on the corner of monroe and 17th will be around 16K sq ft. Looks hopeful for some sorta food market…

  3. This development can’t come soon enough, particularly to help support the retail in the immediate area, which I frequent regularly but I often feel as if I’m the only one. As for short-term parking, it’s definitely already underused at MSM, but that could just be a result of the fact that there isn’t a lot of retail there worth driving to for folks in the area. If this new development can add a few more retail stores, that may change the dynamic and I agree that short-term parking is important.

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