Masala Story, Brookland’s New Indian Restaurant, Is Open And Serving Up Casual Deliciousness

We are going to bet that readers don’t need a lot of backstory on this new restaurant, or the storied history of its location. And since this is our first blog post of 2018, we are hitting the re-set button on the northeast corner of 12th and Kearny all together. Masala Story is here my friends, and it is so yummy.

Perhaps opening during the arctic blasted first days of 2018 is fortuitous, since spices and rich sauces that warm the belly are what we all need right now. Bottom line, Masala Story is a decidedly casual and family affair. As much as I love all the new restaurants that opened on 12th Street in recent years, I think there is a real need for inviting yet affordable places for everyone from young families eating out to those wanting a quick but homey plate of food to go. Not to mention, we are excited to see greater variety in our local dining options. Here are some pics from our visit (you need flash to see the photos. If you can’t see them click here.)

The menu is written out on a large chalk board and one of the first things we noticed was the variety of vegan ($12/platter) and vegetarian ($13/platter) options as well as meat dishes ($12 -$15/platter). There is also a pretty good selection of beer and wine including local beers from breweries like Atlas, DC Brau, and Right Proper, as well has basic hard liquor options like vodka, gin, and rum.

The set up is that you order and pay at a register, get a table number, find a spot to sit down, and enjoy the Bollywood dance videos while you wait for your order to come out. Here is what we had:
  • A Veggie platter – you pick two from a variety of dishes. We selected palak paneer and shahi paneer, both were very tasty
  • Curry Goat  – the meat was very tender and the sauce was yummy
  • Chicken Tikka Masala – we found it to be a little bit salty, but once we combined it with the rice and chick peas, everything leveled out
  • Curry Lamb – this was probably our favorite dish of the day. It was really excellent and the meat was very tender and the sauce was so flavorful
  • Garlic flatbread – tasty, tender and warm
  • Chickpeas – really delicious, with just the right amount of spice
The platters come with rice, chickpeas, and  spinach. A couple of the folks with us chose to go low-carb and skip the rice, and get double spinach instead, which is a nice option. However, we assumed the spinach would be cooked, but once everything was mixed together, the heat from the warm ingredients wilted the spinach and it was much better. I tried a mango lassi – it was really sweet and good, and provided a nice contrast to the spices in the food. We really look forward to going back and trying more dishes, especially the samosas. One thing we found a bit off-putting is that the food was served in to-go containers, even when dining in. While we understand that full dishwasher service may not be available, it would be nice to eat on more of a plate, even if it is disposable. As with any new establishment, they have some kinks to work out, but it was great to see so many neighbors supporting this new business on their first day.
Masala Story is doing to-go service via call ahead orders, and they will start delivery soon. They are still getting their social media up and running, but can be found on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Masala Story is located 3301 12th Street, NE (12th and Kearny) – welcome to the neighborhood!

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