St. Anselm’s Abbey Offers Visitors A Peaceful Respite From Daily Life

St. Anselm’s Monastery building. Photo courtesy of the Monastery’s Wikipedia page.

St. Anselm’s Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery, is a quiet oasis on 40 acres of secluded woodland, right in Brookland’s backyard. Beyond a life of prayer, work, and community, they also operate a boys’ middle and high school (St. Anselm’s Abbey School). What many don’t know is that the Monastery offers get-aways for wold-weary folks, whether it be for a few hours of contemplation, to a few days living among the monks.  A recent article in  Curbed DC describes their efforts to attract more guests and provides a lot of information and pictures. From the article:

With an almost 100-year history in the District, these men in traditional black robes teach at Catholic University of America and the St. Anselm’s High School. Making adjustments to bring in more visitors is part of the mission for a dwindling number of monks striving to continue their impact.

Interested in spending some time at St. Anselm’s? Check out this page from their website with guest information here. From that page:

St. Anselm’s Abbey, photo courtesy of the Abbey’s website.

…Guests may come for a day of quiet, reading and prayer, or stay for several days in the monastery. They are free to join the monks at the divine office and at meals. The grounds around the Abbey are suitable for walks and enjoying the outdoors…

Note that the Monastery does not have separate housing, so overnight stays for women are limited.  St. Anselm’s Abbey is located just north of Brookland at 4501 South Dakota Ave NE.

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