Fire At Longtime Brookland Business, John T. Rhines Funeral Home

Firefighters on the roof of the John T. Rhines Funeral Home

We are sad to report the unfortunate news that there was a fire early this morning at the John T. Rhines Funeral Home, located at 3005 12th St NE. Five fires trucks, multiple ambulances and police cars were on the scene. It didn’t appear that anyone was hurt, but we arrived after the fire had been put out.12th Street NE was blocked off between Hamlin and Irving and smoke could be seen billowing around the roof about a block away.  Firefighters were on the roof and seemed to have everything under control at around 5:30 am. Hopefully the damage wasn’t too severe. Our hearts go out  to all who are affected. The funeral home has been in business for over 110 years. (Sorry that the photos below are not great quality, I was trying to keep a safe distance away and out of the first responders’ way. You need Flash to see the pictures, if you cannot see them, you can open the slideshow here.)

2 thoughts on “Fire At Longtime Brookland Business, John T. Rhines Funeral Home”

  1. Sad to hear. I must have needed the rest because I live a block from there with my bedroom window facing the street the funeral home is on, and I heard absolutely nothing/didn’t wake up at all.

  2. So sad. Was it recently remodeled or am I confusing it with a different funeral home? Prayers for all those affected.

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