Development Update: Armed Forces Retirement Home Seeks 80 Acre Mixed Use Development (Again)

Zone A, in grey, is the area to be developed. Image courtesy of the General Services Administration (GSA).

It’s been almost two years since we have had an update on the potential development 80 acre plot on the property of the nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home (also known as the Old Soldiers’ Home).  We recently learned from this article in the Washington Business Journal that:

The AFRH is gearing up to issue a solicitation to develop, under a ground lease, a mixed-use project on about 80 acres of its 272-acre campus by North Capitol and Irving streets. It hopes to use funds from the effort — a development perhaps approaching 5 million square feet — to shore up its budget.

The federally owned property provides over 400 units of independent living for military retirees and has been attempting to develop this land for a number of years now. While not in Brookland, the development would be nearby enough and large enough to have impacts on our neighborhood. We will keep an eye on this latest try and let you know when we learn anything new. You can check out the solicitation documentation here.

3 thoughts on “Development Update: Armed Forces Retirement Home Seeks 80 Acre Mixed Use Development (Again)”

  1. This needs to get done. It is a tragedy to keep Petworth and Brookland (or Park View and Edgewood) separated this way with this fenced off, sparsely used land. We could house far more veterans with far more access to amenities and link these neighborhoods if the whole campus were to be developed and integrated into the surrounding grid.

    1. I agree, if managed properly, this would be great for the retirement home. Just a little worried that this is a little too far from the Metro folks to walk and traffic is already a mess on North Capital. I don’t have faith that the city has a game plan to accommodate all the new residents (and their transportation needs) that we will see from the several massive developments coming to Ward 5.

      1. I frequently take the H8 bus from Brookland to Petworth and the bus ride could take probably a third as long (and contain many useful intermediate destinations) if this area were well-developed. People have their reasons for using cars, and ultimately it’s up to them to do so judiciously, but it wouldn’t be for lack of options.

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