2017 – What A Year! Your Brookland Annual Review/Roundup

For a  few years now, we have have been doing a year-end round up of the good, the bad, and comings and goings in the greater Brookland area. For us, we took a much needed  break from late summer through early fall. But otherwise, we posted almost daily, and grew to over 2,770 Twitter and 1,570 Facebook followers. Most importantly we are so happy to have a few hundred readers that check in daily on a consistent basis -thank you so much daily readers! Seeing the constant evolution of this neighborhood we love and meeting neighbors who appreciate the blog, and the comments left here and on Twitter and Facebook has pushed us to keep going.

While 2017 may go down as one of the most surreal years for your average Washingtonian, things in Brookland proper were pretty good…

The year started out with Brookland restaurants reacting to events on the national stage, from Steel Plate’s ACLU and Planned Parenthood fund raisers, to Nido’s Nasty Woman’s Brunch and Brookland’s Finest Inauguration weekend brunch to benefit the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

The Brookland at 3614 12th Street NE., rendering courtesy of Lock 7 Development

In previous years, restaurant openings were our most popular posts, but this year, three of the five most popular stories were about development projects. Our 2017 post with the most views was this one about a development that may combine 8 retail storefronts on 12th Street -stay tuned though – we are hearing this may not be happening. Our third most popular post, while not in Brookland, was about the 13 acre development next to the Rhode Island Avenue Metro and how they are going with a matter-of-right development approach. Folks were really interested in our story about the potential 11 unit pop-up condo development on 12th Street, as well as the change in plans for the development at 12th and Franklin, which will now be a strip mall, of sorts. Stories about some of the large developments across Ward 5, such as Dakota Crossing and NewCityDC were also pretty popular.

Retro finds at the Warehouse

We were surprised to find that our second most popular 2017 post was about The Warehouse, a funky 5000 square foot vintage furniture shop nearby. The recent unfortunate fire at the John T. Rhines Funeral Home also got a lot of hits. We just saw a sign on the building that says they are still in business, so that’s great news. Other area notable business news was the renovation and re-opening of Michigan Liquors and Pepco finally finishing the 12th Street Green Wall, DC’s largest green wall project.

Huacatay chicken – Yum Yum Yum!

Along with development, our stories about new restaurants got a large share of hits. Tastemakers, still not fully open yet, got the most interest, although new French restaurant, Primrose’s opening was not far behind. Truly though, 2017 neighborhood buzz was all about Indigo, Indigo, Indigo: supposed to open in late summer, and now going to be called Masala Story, we hear it should be opening TODAY at 3:00 pm! Speaking of Indian food, remember when Spice of Bukhara closed – only to be replaced by City Kabob? We welcomed newcomer Fox Loves Taco, said goodbye to Nido and quickly said hi to Momo Yakitori. Huacatay’s delicious and affordable chicken gave us life, while District Space re-revitalized the old Little Ricky’s spot. Lastly, we have been eagerly awaiting any news about BGR’s at Monroe Street Market, will they ever open? We will see what 2018 brings…

Check out Zak’s story about Brookland Jazz club JACS

A 2017 highlight for the blog was having neighbor, friend, and freelance writer Zak M. Salih do some in-depth posts for us. Some of his popular posts covered Brookland’s Little Free Libraries, The Monastery’s Hermitage, Menomale’s 5 year anniversary, and a profile of Brookland-based business Love and Carrots. Thanks Zak!

Another great neighborhood tradition, Luminarias at the Monastery

Lastly, we want to give a shout out to the great annual events and organizations that keep Brookland connected like the BNCA and the Greater Brookland Garden Club. We are so appreciative of the longstanding traditions and fun gatherings that bring us together – annual events like the Great Brookland Yard Sale, the Brookland House and Garden Tour, and the Brookland Community Picnic where I may or may not have been dunked a few hundred times in the dunk tank.

So here’s to 2018! We look forward to supporting our longstanding businesses, welcoming new ones and new neighbors and documenting all the changes and goings on. Mostly, we hope to keep enjoying and supporting the fabulous neighborhood camaraderie that makes Brookland so special. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and never miss a blog post!

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