Love Christmas Carols? Check Out This Blog Series From CUA’s Library

We thought readers who enjoy Christmas Carols and music history in general would like to check out a series of blog posts on the topic. Thad Garrett, a friend of blog, pens the entries for  “What’s Up,” the blog of the University Libraries of The Catholic University of America. Here is his description of what to expect:

I’ve decided to share posts over the next 16 business days leading up to Christmas in which I’ll shed some light on the conception of some of our most beloved Christmas melodies. As I am admittedly one who can grow tired quickly from hearing the same tunes recycled, re-imagined, and replayed over and over again, I thought that you, like me, might find a new appreciation for them by learning the stories of their origins.

Each blog entry begins with The American Christmas Songbook and the title of the song Thad will be exploring. We have found them to be super interesting and well researched. So far he has covered hits like Sleigh Ride, The Christmas Song, and Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Also – bonus- Thad will be writing a few guest blog posts for the Brookland Bridge in 2018!

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