Primrose, Brookland’s New French Wine Bar Is Now Open

We thought neighbors would be happy to know that long awaited French restaurant Primrose is now open for business -and it’s pretty great! The menu is concise, offering up French classics such as Coq au vin and Steak frites and of course, a great selection of wines. We stopped by on their opening night and really enjoyed our dinner. For now, Primrose will be open in the evenings, and closed on Tuesdays, and will do a weekend brunch when they get up and running. We will be doing a full write up after we have been a few times, and tried a number of dishes, so look out for that. Primrose is located at 3000 12th Street NE (northwest corner of 12th and Hamlin Streets).

7 thoughts on “Primrose, Brookland’s New French Wine Bar Is Now Open”

    1. I can understand that. I think more than any other restaurant that has come thus far, Primrose has the potential to change the neighborhood. The food has a higher price point than the others, but the drink prices seem on par with other newer Brookland restaurants. We think it will be a nice “date night” spot for many. Having talked to a lot of neighbors about it, I think the key to how happy they will be with it, is if it is truly a neighborhood place. Last night, we saw lots of neighbors we knew. If that holds up, I don’t think the change it brings will be that drastic.

      1. I think the points you made are good ones. And I think that it is worth mentioning that the prices are fine for what it is, which is a beautiful, contemporary restaurant that just opened and is trying to create a particular atmosphere, which it looks like they did wonderfully. My mixed feelings are personal and has more to do with the kind of places I like to frequent so I didn’t think it was even necessary to voice what I thought was wrong with it, bc nothing is wrong with it. I will certainly give the restaurant a chance and I’m really happy it’s people (owners) who live in the neighborhood (i think) who are investing in the neighborhood. I hope the people in the neighborhood support Primrose being here, and I hope Primrose can bring something else to the neighborhood other than fine dining. What that is, I don’t know 🙂

        1. Well, I hope you always feel free to leave your opinion here. We need to have these neighborhood discussions. What appealed to us about Brookland is that the people are very down to earth, I would like it to stay that way. If I won the lottery and I would open a simple diner/deli with prices somewhere between Murry and Paul’s and Brookland’s Finest. Big bowls of chili, cold beer and 24 hr. breakfast.

        1. I would say, yes, it reminds me of Nido to a degree. But the menu is more stripped down and I think the fInal bill would be a tiny bit less, if anything. At Nido, I wind up ordering more than I think I will because of all those delicious small plates! My wife had the French Onion Soup ($10) and the Side Salad ($9) and was happy. I had the Steak Frites ($26) and took 1/3 of the steak home.

  1. I’m not sure since i haven’t been to Nido, only walked by, so i cant speak for the comparison. It’s definitely high end. Check out the link that Shani posted above. You’ll be able to see their menu and see for yourself.

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