District Space Brings A Versatile Pop-Up Culinary Venue To 12th Street

Many neighbors, including us, remember Little Ricky’s with fondness, and have hoped something new and fabulous would take its place. The wait is over. A new venue called District Space has arrived at the 3522 12th Street location.

Elan Bar joins members of the old Ricky’s team, Chef Miguel (resident chef) and Lola Pol (one of the partners)  to transform the location into a whole new concept – a pop up venue. We experienced one of their first events, a cocktail focused evening paired with delicious small bites. While the space is available for private parties, the main focus will be short term culinary events featuring up and coming chefs, restaurateurs and other culinary concepts.

We caught up with Elan to discuss the new incarnation of the location. Check out what he has to say about after the slideshow below. (You need flash to see the photos, if you can’t see them click here to open them.)

Of course, our first question was why he chose Brookland for District Space:
I can’t think of a neighborhood that would be a better fit for District Space than Brookland. Its proximity to two of DC’s most prominent shared kitchen spaces–Mess Hall, on the border of Brookland and Edgewood, and the upcoming Tastemakers, in Brookland proper–will allow for a tremendous amount of mutually beneficial relationships. As a new business owner, I’d also note that everyone I have had the chance to interact with has been nothing but supportive and enthusiastic about the concept (even if it’s somewhat unfamiliar at first!).
I’m confident District Space is going to bring a new and exciting energy to the Brookland neighborhood. Brooklanders will now be in the unique position to learn about and experience some of the most talented up-and-coming folks in the DC food-and-beverage space.

Elan envisions District Space as  helping develop the DC food scene by doing more than just providing a venue. He says:

We view every chef, bartender, cheesemonger, distiller, etc., that walks through the door as a partner. Every time someone new uses our space, we’re committed to developing a relationship with them and supporting their growth.

As such, his goal is to connect and leverage these relationships to create a more robust and inter-dependent food-and-beverage scene not only in Brookland, but across DC. For example:

I want to be able to connect the charcutier who’s doing an event in January with the cheesemonger who did an event last week. We believe that nobody does it alone, and it’s only through supporting each other that DC can not just continue to grow–but really be on the forefront of the national food scene.

So what’s next? Look out for their next major event from Johanna’s Table,  featuring Chef Johanna Hellrigl cooking northern Italian fare at District Space from December 14-17. They will be running it like a more traditional restaurant (reservations, non-ticketed, etc.).  Once they get up and running, social media such as their Twitter feed and Facebook page will be the best way to keep up with the happenings. Welcome to the neighborhood, District Space!

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