First Look: Potential Retail Space Concept At 12th And Franklin

We recently posted that the shipping container condo development originally planned for 1201 Franklin Street NE is probably not happening.Now, we have a better idea of what might be coming to the corner of 12th and Franklin via these renderings from the agent managing the property for Rosenthal Associates. Looks like the parking spaces remain, it will remain one floor, and the building will have lots of front facing windows. We will let you know when we learn anything new.

14 thoughts on “First Look: Potential Retail Space Concept At 12th And Franklin”

  1. That space is too small for a grocery store…especially Trader Joe’s. Not to mention there is not enough parking in that lot for a grocery store. I think a coffee shop would be great and maybe a bike shop or a non profit. We do not need too many food places in one small area. I live right there and I fear it would increase the parking and rodent problem.

    1. I agree – I would love a coffee/bakery (maybe at tastemakers?) and bike shop (Jump hub too!) at that location, but i’d like to see what others in the neighborhood who have been here for many years would like as well. Just please don’t put a tiny parking lot. Make it green space/permeable surface space…or just space in general that can be used by the people of brookland and not just people who drive here…there’s enough parking.

      1. There is not enough parking in that area. With the existing businesses and the new condos, parking is getting worse on Franklin St. Many of the people who live on that street rely on street parking because they do not have off street parking on their property. It is unfair to expect homeowners to share the few spaces they have to park, with customers of these new commercial establishments.

        1. Ah yeah, i don’t have that problem, so I wasn’t aware, and its a good point. However, when i lived in columbia heights even a couple blocks from a commercial strip, it was just nature of the beast to get parking spaces. The 11 parking space proposal in that drawing i would suspect not solve your parking problem and as the development of 12th street continues. What this city needs is less parking spaces, not more in my opinion, so that driving becomes cumbersome (it already is!)…and to champion public transportation and bikes. We may not see eye to eye on this and that’s okay – either way, i hope you are able to park your car with relative ease as 12th street develops.

      2. you know there is a bike shop at brook land metro, i don’t think another bike store is necessary there…its not on a any major bike trail and that area in general has few to zero bikers.

  2. How about a green area park instead of parking spaces??? I agree with the Nov 16 post: no more parking lots in front of retail…we need a major push for beautification in this area

    1. wouldn’t be a very pleasant park. Traffic is backed up to RHA during rush hours…very loud. I walk by there twice daily. Would not be a good park location.

  3. This looks so dated. This is not where the city needs to go (a 90s tiny strip mall). I can’t believe this is even being proposed. What a waste of a key parcel.

    To me this is just a developed doing something on the real cheap and just dressing up the facade of an existing building.

  4. Well sounds like we should get our voice out when the time comes. I’m sure others may feel differently, but I’m fine (in my opinion) with them using the existing building and revamping it… and i’d be fine comprimising with patio/garden space in place of the parking spaces to serve the patrons at the strip mall, passerbys and people of Brookland. Anyone know the best way to get our voice out? ANC meeting? Maybe we won’t be able to agree on what should go there, but maybe we can ban together to find some things in common that we all don’t like about the proposed development and go from there.

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