Fox Loves Taco – Now Open, With Coffee, Pastries And All Day Breakfast Tacos

Brooklanders who haven’t heard will be happy to know that the long awaited Fox Loves Taco coffee/taco shop opened recently.  When we first heard about the new restaurant we anticipated more of a traditional taco spot, but have come to understand their concept better now. In our opinion, it is more like a coffee shop that along with pastries, serves vegetarian breakfast tacos. I like that the tacos are an affordable $3 – $4 dollars each and are a nice size, not too big, not too small. We stopped by twice this week to check it out and took the photos below. (You need flash to see the photos below. If you can’t see them, click here.)

I tried the following items:

Iced coffee and cappuccino: these were both very good. I don’t know a lot about coffee, but it is obvious that they take their coffee program seriously here. They also offer Kombucha, agua frescas and bottled soft drinks .

Kit Taco: This taco is pretty simplistic and straightforward, with just cheese, eggs and potatoes. I found it in the plain side, so I wound up applying liberal amounts of the hot sauce. Speaking of the hot sauce, I appreciate that they make and bottle their own sauce in house, though I tend to like my hot sauce a bit spicier.

Wham! Taco: This was my favorite taco, it was delicious. It had a perfectly poached egg and a tasty black bean “hummus”. I also appreciated that the cilantro and queso fresco, along with the beans, made it taste more like a traditional Mexican taco than just ingredients in a tortilla.

Kwasi Taco: I wasn’t sure what to expect from “cauliflower chorizo”, but I definitely anticipated more of a spicy kick.   While it is definitely worth a try, I would recommend just trying without looking for parallels with actual chorizo.

Power Up Taco: The marinated mushrooms come in a nice savory brown sauce, and are probably the best bet for those looking for a heartier meat-like experience. I was a little surprised by the large size of the carrots on top, because I was expecting them to be shredded (carrot and jalapeno slaw) and I really didn’t pick up much heat from the jalapenos.

The tortillas are very good and fresh tasting, though I only tried the (gluten free) corn ones. The other kind offered, made of flour/sweet potato weren’t available the second time I visited, but I hear they are even better. I also  enjoyed a side of guacamole, it was straightforward and tasty. They also offer pastries made at their sister store, Little Red Fox.

The atmosphere is cheery and lighthearted, and I appreciated the house plants sprinkled throughout and how light filled the space is. My understanding is  that they will have wifi, if they don’t have it already, and I saw patrons working on laptops. The staff was very friendly, and the service was pretty quick, which is nice, since I was on my way to the Metro directly afterwards.

Fox Loves Taco is open from 7 am to 7 pm Monday – Friday and 8 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. You can check out their Facebook page here. Fox Loves Taco is located at 716 Monroe Street NE on the Arts Walk. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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