Heads Up! Fireworks Tonight Over CUA

Things are looking up tonight…

Every year around this time local residents are taken by surprise by a fireworks display over Catholic U. We get Tweets and emails with people asking if they are hearing gunshots or lamenting that they didn’t know about it ahead of time, and would have liked to have enjoyed the show. So, we figured we would give readers a heads up. The fireworks are a part of Luaupalooza, a celebration of the end of CUA’s school year. This year the event will be tonight, Friday April 28th.  A CUA employee informed us that the fireworks will begin around 9:45 pm. So grab a blanket, find a clear view of the sky and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Heads Up! Fireworks Tonight Over CUA”

  1. Thank you for posting this! We made an evening of hanging out on the balcony and wTching the show. It was s nice finale!

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