Brookland Garden Of The Month, September 2012 Edition

September brings blissful reprieve from August’s harshness, and pulls us back into our gardens. Most flowers have bloomed and are done, and it gets increasingly challenging to maintain fall colors unless you go with plants like mums. But the skilled gardener can do so much more.

This stunner of a garden is at 3012 16th Street NE. Devoted almost entirely to roses, the gardener takes advantage of the fact that these shrub roses love the cooler weather and recent rains to burst back into bloom after going dormant in the heat of high summer. They are meticulously kept, with hardly a spent rose in sight.  The scene from the front is absolutely beautiful, especially in combination with the short yellow flowers in front (I don’t know what they are), a touch of red geraniums, and a birdbath that together surely make this space a joy to behold from the front porch. The home itself is a gorgeous American Foursquare popular at the turn of the 20th century.

Congratulations to 3012 16th Street NE for being the Brookland Garden of the Month for September!



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