Workshare And CSA Programs At Nearby Three Part Harmony Farm

Nearby Three Part Harmony Farm is a 2 acre farm that began in 2011. It was established by Gail Taylor, who is dedicated to producing locally grown food without synthetic chemicals or genetically modified seeds. Check out this great write up on their blog that goes into detail about how Ms. Taylor got started and how she stays inspired.

With spring approaching, you may want to consider volunteering at the farm. There is even the opportunity to exchange work for vegetables for those committed to coming on a regular basis. From the volunteer page:

Exchange 3 hours of work for a share of vegetables. A workshare should commit to coming on a regular basis, i.e. once a week or at least a couple of times a month.

Spending more time with us allows you more opportunities to learn- we do different tasks throughout the season together and we have plenty of time for Q&A/ mini workshops in the field while weeding.

Make sure to check out all the details on the volunteer page.

If digging in the dirt is not your thing, you might want to consider signing up for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which is a partnership between the farm and customers who pay ahead of time for an entire season’s worth of farm goods. Go here for more information on that program.

Three Part Harmony Farm is located at 3102 4th Street NE (on the property of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, near 4th and Michigan Ave, NE.)

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