Eyesore Building At 12th And Girard For Sale

Property for sale at 2900 12th St NE – corner of Girard

FYI – this post has been updated with a new, increased sale price.

We have been following the changes at 2900 12th Street NE for a number of years (the corner of 12th and Girard NE). A re-cap: in March 2015 we wrote about how longtime Brookland business M&S Barber Services re-located because of what was supposed to be impending development. In May 2015 construction fencing went up around the property, a dumpster arrived, and internal demolition permits were posted in the window. As far as we know, no other permits were obtained. Eventually the construction fencing came down and over time the building has become covered in a patchwork of painted over graffiti.

We recently found out that the property is for sale for $1,825,000. The real estate listing simply states:

Opportunity: lot with plans for 14 units in the heart of hot hot Brookland! the existing building will need to be removed.

I would be pretty surprised if it sold at that price, but stranger things have happened. This sideshow shows the selling developer’s plans for a three story residential-only apartment building. Of course, a purchaser could always go with something else. We will let you know when we learn anything new.


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  1. Are there any readers who are realtors and can look into the listing details? Often, owners of properties at risk of being designated vacant and/or blighted will put them on the market to stave off the increased taxes, but the listings are always a joke. One tell-tale sign is an insane sale price (and the large increase after just one day on the market makes this even more suspicious), but another is a very low commission. There was recently a place listed in Columbia Heights offering a 1% commission. Obviously, the general public can’t see this information, but a realtor can.

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