Washingtonian Article Compares CUA ‘Town And Gown’ Dynamic To Other DC Campuses

Photo Courtesy of Monroe Street Market’s Facebook Page

We thought readers would be interested in a recent article in the Washingtonian about the relationships between DC Universities and their respective neighborhoods. The article is especially favorable towards our neighbor Catholic University, with passages such as this one:

Catholic, for instance, intentionally tried to nurture a student-friendly atmosphere around its campus, working with developers and nonprofits to build entirely new space for businesses and art studios. But it’s the exception. Around AU, as at most of the area’s campuses, neighborhood politics and zoning rules make it seem as if Washington wants students seen but not heard.

Much of the article compares CUA to American University, and as someone who attended AU (ok, a long time ago, but still) I would say that the characterization is spot on. I think it would be great to increase the “college town” vibe in our neighborhood even further. What do you think?


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