Meeting To Update Community On McMillan Development

Anyone who has been vaguely paying attention to development in the area is aware of the ongoing battle over the McMillan development project. In the latest saga of this controversial project, the D.C. Court of Appeals vacated the D.C. Zoning Commission’s approval of the project, basically sending it back to the drawing board. For a pretty good rundown of what has transpired over recent years, check out this opinion article in the Washington Post. From the article:

The court’s decision vindicates the arguments of the community that the approvals “failed to adequately explain why it was necessary to disregard” certain key policies in the Comprehensive Plan, which should “guide executive and legislative decisions.” The court also found that agency approvals failed to comply with D.C.’s historic preservation law, which prohibits harming landmark sites such as McMillan except under very limited circumstances.

The District’s disregard for its own preservation and planning laws in the McMillan Park case is only the tip of the iceberg of flaws in this project.

In response, the Friend of McMillan Park have a petition that requests three things of Mayor Bowser:

(1) Immediately reopen McMillan Park so that District of Columbia residents and others may enter the park for purposes of recreation, exploration and community activities.
(2) Begin to define with full citizen participation a new scope of work for planning the future of the Park
(3) Commit to an international design competition for the future use of the Park.

You can find the petition here. Next up there will be a community update on the McMillan development on February 2nd at 7pm at Inspired Teaching PCS, located at 200 Douglas St NE.

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