Former Flip-It II Restaurant Property For Sale, Zoned For Mixed Use Development

Flip-It II with Sale Sign earlier this week

The building located 1544 Rhode Island Ave, NE has gone through a few incarnations. My earliest recollection of it was a casual seafood/soul food restaurant called Bubba’s Muscogee. Then in 2011 it was renovated and a new family-friendly restaurant called Flip-It II opened. I am sure many readers remember it fondly. While it had its quirks, like closing at 7 pm, it was a great place for breakfast. The meals were plentiful, yummy and  affordable and it was fun to run into neighbors there every weekend (see our Tweet from 2013 below). Unfortunately, it closed suddenly in July of 2015 without fanfare or explanation. Since then there has been little to no information about plans for the restaurant or property until now.

Looks like the 14,097 square feet of property the restaurant sits on is for sale, based on signs that appeared on the property recently. The property is zoned MU-4, which according to the DC Zoning Guidebook means:

The MU-4 zone is intended to:

  • Permit moderate-density mixed-use development;

  • Provide facilities for shopping and business needs, housing, and mixed uses for large segments of the District of Columbia outside of the central core; and

  • Be located in low- and moderate-density residential areas with access to main roadways or rapid transit stops, and include office employment centers, shopping centers, and moderate bulk mixed-use centers.

I suppose this move isn’t too surprising, given that a new luxury apartment building The Violet is being built directly across the street. We will keep our eyes out and let you know when we learn anything new.

One thought on “Former Flip-It II Restaurant Property For Sale, Zoned For Mixed Use Development”

  1. Hooray. More housing means more neighbors. Mixed-use means more amenities. With housing on top (and behind thanks to the new senior living building), the next restaurant will have a built-in customer base and be less likely to close.

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