Trader Joe’s Supermarket Coming To NE DC, Near Union Market

TomatoBrooklanders love to discuss grocery options in the area, or rather, the lack thereof. From time to time there will even be a petition passed around urging a grocer to locate in or near Brookland, and there are the occasional unsubstantiated rumors of one coming. So, we suspect fans of Trader Joe’s will be delighted to hear that one is planned in nearby Trinidad, close to Union Market. From an article in DCist:

The company announced today that it has signed a lease for a new location at 1240 4th Street NE, and it is slated to open in the second half of 2017. The store will occupy 15,000 square feet in the ground floor of a mixed-use project called The Edison…It will be Trader Joe’s third or fourth store in D.C.

Our household is divided in our enthusiasm. Personally, I miss the old Burger King that was once there. Perhaps I would be more excited if it were actually coming to Brookland. After all, this location isn’t much closer than my favorite supermarket, the Harris Teeter on M and 1st NE. But the other (better) half of the Brookland Bridge is SO SO SO excited for the new TJ’s, because it is her go-to grocer, and now it will only be a short drive away as compared to the TJ locations she frequents.  What do you think? Are you excited or meh?

4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Supermarket Coming To NE DC, Near Union Market”

  1. I miss the BK as well. The staff there were so nice and it was definitely one of the best run fast food/drive thru spots in DC. On the last week they were open all the staff were wearing the BK crowns!

    Also, this probably doesn’t bode well for a TJs in the undeveloped lot at Monroe Street Market. The lot seems too small for a normal store, but figured it would make a good site for TJs.

  2. A bit closer to Brookland would be more exciting, but this will likely become the TJs we frequent. Not sure how we will park there yet.

    Should be good for Trinidad, and a bit helpful in continuing to improve the New York Avenue corridor, which still can feel pretty bleak.

    TJs is an old favorite from way back in our California days. Their pesto is great! And their olive paste. Yummmm.

  3. Yay!!! We would obviously be way more excited if it were in Brookland, but this will definitely save us lots of time going to the other TJs!

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