Fall Tree Care Tips From Casey Trees

A hot summer is coming to an end, but the work isn’t done! Our trees need our continued attention and TLC.

Check out the Casey Trees Autumn Almanac, in which they encourage residents to:

  • Continue watering through September. Practice 25 to Stay Alive — 25 gallons of water per tree per week in times of little or no rainfall — on warm days through the month of September. Do not water after the ground freezes.
  • Remove slow-release watering bags in October. Tree trunks and the tree flare need to be exposed to air, so once October arrives, remove any watering devices and store them until next spring.
  • Check the mulch. Refresh mulch by adding two to three inches in a ring around the trunk. Be sure to practice the 3-3-3 rule — three inches of mulch in a three-foot ring with a three-inch space around the tree trunk. Avoid volcano mulching.

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