Serendipity Coffeehouse Could Be Replaced By A BBQ/Fried Chicken Restaurant

Another incarnation awaits
Another incarnation awaits

Those of us who have lived in Brookland for a number of years have seen a revolving door of businesses of steadily increasing levels of quality at 3301 12th Street NE (at the corner of Kearney St). From a bar called Nate’s Comfort Zone, to take-out barbecue joint “Bobby’s Q”, until about 7 years ago when long-time Brookland resident Jesse Brown took the place over and created a bar/lounge called Optimism, which he most recently reinvented in March 2015 as Serendipity jazz coffee house.  Then, in early September, a Go Fund Me page was set up seeking $65,000 with the warning that “Serendipity may have to close its doors. Permanently. (And soon!)” The coffeehouse abruptly closed soon thereafter and by mid September the “For Rent” sign in the picture above went up and the windows were covered over.

Yesterday we learned from this article in the Washington Business Journal that the location may be close to yet another incarnation – as a barbecue and fried chicken restaurant from an all-star cast of Brookland restaurateurs including Tony Tomelden and John “Solly” Solomon (Brookland’s Finest) and Diton Pashaj (Steel Plate) along with Sloppy Mama’s BBQ. Readers may be familiar with Sloppy Mama’s from their frequent collaborations with Brookland’s Finest. According to the story:

Tomelden, who also owns The Pug on H Street NE, was characteristically pessimistic about the odds of the deal going through, given how many spaces he’s looked at during the past 10 years.

Well, we will keep our fingers crossed for them and will let you know when we learn anything new.

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