Brookland’s Pho 12 – Now Open And Serving Up Deliciousness

Ever since the news broke that a new Vietnamese restaurant, Pho 12, was coming to Brookland a lot of neighbors have been eagerly awaiting their first taste. The restaurant opened on October 20th and is located at 3740 12th Street NE (where B’Cafe used to be). We decided to check it out and took the photos below.

The restaurant is small but cute with 7 tables. Besides (obviously) Pho, the restaurant also serves appetizers, rice and noodle dishes and desserts, including beignets. We tried the spring rolls, chicken skewers (so so so good), a Pho bowl, and pork with vermicelli noodles. I don’t know much about Vietnamese food but we found everything to be very tasty, flavorful and fresh. The service was also very nice and helpful. I tried my first Vietnamese iced coffee and loved it, good and strong. Over all we are super-delighted to have this new addition to the neighborhood and will definitely be back soon.

The restaurant’s hours are Monday to Saturday, 10:30 AM – 8:30 PM and you can check out the menu here. If you don’t have flash, you can check out the photos here.

3 thoughts on “Brookland’s Pho 12 – Now Open And Serving Up Deliciousness”

  1. We went a couple of days ago…the pho is sooo good! They didn’t quite have all the menu items together yet which is totally understandable since they just opened. We are really glad to have them in the neighborhood.

  2. We eat a fair amount of Vietnamese and can attest that everything we had at our first try here was phenomenal. So thrilled at the addition to the neighborhood, just worried we might have a hard time ever getting a table!

  3. So glad to have this restaurant–delicious pho and spring rolls. Great folks cooking and serving the food. We eat there at least once a week. An asset to Brookland!

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