Taking A Break, Be Back Soon

No Sleep Till Brookland NE Washington DC Street ArtHi Readers,

To announce to regular/daily readers that I am taking a break for the summer is a bit “after that fact” since I haven’t had a blog post in about a month.  After 1,479 blog posts since August 2012,  I just hit a wall. I rarely post about my/our personal life. Over the last 4 years, my wonderful wife (and sometime co-blogger) Astrid and I  have powered through the loss of loved ones, crazy work schedules and other challenges to deliver the latest happenings in and around Brookland.

This summer has presented another confluence of events – personal, national, and local that have drawn our attention and time away from blogging. Rest assured that we aren’t going anywhere, we just need some time to get refreshed and get back on our feet. Expect to see more blog posts starting September. Until then, enjoy the rest of summer and be good to your neighbors.


Shani (and Astrid)

4 thoughts on “Taking A Break, Be Back Soon”

  1. Good thoughts to you both during your time off. This is an appreciated blog in Brookland and the surrounding area so definitely look forward to your return and hope you find peace during your time off.

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