12th & Allison Townhouse Development Update And Open House Tonight

EYA developers will unveil their latest updates to the proposed 12th & Allison NE townhouse development a community open house tonight. Readers may remember that this is the proposed development on the grounds surrounding the St. Joseph’s Seminary that we wrote about here and here.

According to a recent community announcement,  the number of proposed homes was reduced from 150 to 82,  3 acres of publicly accessible open space will  remain, historic preservation will be sought of the St. Joseph’s Seminary building, and  community amenities will include a Capital Bikeshare station, park areas with climbable art and sculpture for kids, and public art.

The meeting will be tonight, Tuesday July 12 from 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at St. Joseph’s Seminary (1200 Varnum Street NE). Check out the flyer below for more info. If you can’t make it tonight, EYA will be giving presentations at upcoming Michigan Park Citizens Association, North Michigan Park Civic Association, Queens Chapel Civic Association, Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association, and ANC 5A meetings. You can also sign up to receive updates about this project here.  We will let you know when we hear of other significant updates.

12th and Allison Development

3 thoughts on “12th & Allison Townhouse Development Update And Open House Tonight”

  1. I give EYA credit for designing beautiful communities with usable green space. Their Chancellor’s Row development is beautiful.

  2. You’re free to admire EYA’s “architecture;” individual taste is widely variant. We who live here, however, are deeply troubled by the predictable IMPACTS of that “architecture” — something EYA dances around in every presentation. Here’s a flyer posted in the immediate neighborhood that speaks directly to just one of those impacts.

    Why not think about these (real) issues while admiring the faux brick facade?


    •On weekdays, gridlock on 12th Street can stretch from 12th Street and Michigan Avenue, to 12th Street and South Dakota Avenue causing delays and frustration.

    •Gridlock at 12th and Allison Streets becomes worse when the cars at this narrow and confusing intersection attempt to enter/exit the hospital’s parking lot or turns onto or from Allison Street.

    •Cars traveling along Allison Street often pull over to the curb to avoid head-on collisions.

    •The intersection at Allison Street and Sargent Road is particularly dangerous due to speeding cars and stop-sign running, while pedestrians attempting to use the crosswalk are often at risk.

    •The intersection at Sargent Road/13th Street and Webster Street is dangerous due to poor visibility and the dangerous curve on this sloping street adds to the hazard.

    The 5-6 housing developments under construction on 12th Street south of Michigan Avenue as well as the development on South Dakota Avenue near Ft. Totten—with over 900 residential units plus 300,000 square feet of commercial space—will bring additional traffic problems into the area.


    •Build over 80, 3-story townhomes complete with two-car garages at 12th and Allison Streets.

    •Add to congestion and hazardous traffic conditions during the 1-2 year construction period with bulldozers, cranes, large delivery trucks; noise, air pollution; chronic disruption to the community.

    •Increase the gridlock, noise, and air pollution by adding as many as 150 cars owned and operated by townhome residents—all parked on less than one square block.

    •Add to the current dysfunction and congestion of Allison Street by creating a NEW PRIVATE STREET solely designed to give townhome residents additional access to Allison and 12th Streets.

    •WIDEN an existing alley which currently accesses Allison Street to create a two-way drive-thru designed to give townhome residents additional access to Allison Street and Sargent Road.

    •Create additional access for townhome residents to 13th Street/Sargent Road by extending Webster Street onto the Seminary grounds.

    •Allow townhome residents additional access to 12th STREET BY EXTENDING WEBSTER STREET— directly across from Providence Hospital Emergency Room entrance.

    Do not let EYA decide the future of this community: what’s good for EYA isn’t good for us!

    PLEASE WRITE, PHONE, OR EMAIL: ANC representatives, Councilmember McDuffie, Councilmember Anita Bonds (Housing and Community Development), Council Chair Phil Mendelson, and Mayor Bowser. Tell them that developers like EYA must stop destroying the unique character of DC neighborhoods in order to build town houses that don’t comply with the current statutes!”


  3. Thanks for the info! I’ll be writing all of our representatives and asking them to support this plan.

    We can accept increased density in walkable neighborhoods like Michigan Park and Brookland (where there’s at least some chance that people will take the Metro/bike/walk), or these people will move to new developments in PG County and drive through our neighborhood. It’s really that simple.

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