Stand Alone Starbucks With Beer/Wine Service Coming To Monroe Street Market

Location of future Starbucks at Monroe Street MarketOne of the worst kept secrets about the retail space at Monroe Street Market in recent months has been an anticipated Starbucks Cafe. Now it appears that plans are moving forward for the location with the application under the Trade Name Starbucks Coffee for a Class D (beer and wine) license. According to the ABRA notice, the application is for “A coffee shop that offers breakfast all day, along with savory small plates, and desserts paired with wine and beer selections. Sidewalk Cafe with a Total Occupancy Load of 30 seats”. Unless there are protests it looks like the license would be granted by late August. However, we popped over to the location yesterday and it looks like the store build out has not begun yet.

Frankly,  with the coffee counter in Busboys and Poets, the Starbucks within Barnes and Noble (both across the street) and the Filter coffee shop less than two blocks away, we find the move a bit of a head-scratcher. But, I don’t doubt it will be a popular destination nonetheless. We will keep an eye out for any progress, like an opening date.

The location of the future Starbucks is 655 Michigan Avenue, N.E, which is the ground-level retail space at the rounded end of the Portland Flats building (across from Busboys and Poets.)

3 thoughts on “Stand Alone Starbucks With Beer/Wine Service Coming To Monroe Street Market”

  1. There is also a Starbucks on the Catholic University campus. Definitely agree that this is a head-scratcher. Would prefer to see another restaurant but am glad the space is being filled. Tired of seeing the empty retail in this development.

  2. I stopped in to buy a cup of coffee and it’s a beautiful and wonderful coffee shop that also sales beer. It’s also unique and very versatile and I would like to work there. I’m a current student at a University and I just moved in the neighborhood and I have a lot of experience in customer service relations and I would enjoy working and offering my experience and being apart of this community. Angela Artis

    1. So cool how a Starbucks Reserve opened up in Brookland! It’s the first one in DC and definitely gives more reason to check out the neighborhood.

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