Check Out “Bipeds Of Brookland” And Get To Know Your Neighbors

Many Blooklanders know Jake Abbott and Shemaya Klar as the friendly neighbors who go above and beyond to make some of Brookland’s best traditions, like the Brookland House and Garden Tour, Brookland Community Picnic and the Brookland Ball happen. They also happen to be a great realtor team as well. This year they embarked on another community building activity – Bipeds of Brookland. These short stories highlight one amazing Brookland neighbor at a time, and collectively show what a great,  diverse neighborhood we have. Check out the stories at the Abbott Klar blog or like them on Facebook to see new stories as they are written. Thanks Jake and Shemaya for all you do!

2 thoughts on “Check Out “Bipeds Of Brookland” And Get To Know Your Neighbors”

    1. Caroline, maybe we should leave it up to our neighbors, who have been portrayed in the “bipeds”, if they feel like props.

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