Spice of Bukhara Indian/Afghani Restaurant Opens In Edgewood

We were really happy to hear that a new Indian/Afghani Restaurant, Spice of Bukhara, opened in our greater area. While we love the new restaurants that have sprouted up in and around Brookland in recent years, we really have a lack of ethnic restaurants, in our opinion. So, of course, we rushed right over to check it out and took the pics below. (You need flash to see the photos. If you can’t see them, click here to open the folder.)

The restaurant just opened a week ago, so they obviously need some time to get fully up and running. For example, the nice looking space begs for chairs and tables, but the super-friendly staff told me that they are still waiting for their seating permit, which should be approved soon. Also, their website looks like it still needs some tweaking, but the most important part of it – the menu – can be found here.

On to the food – so, so good. We tried a samosa, chicken curry, lamb tikka masala, naan, chole (chickpeas) and rice. Everything was really tasty,  well seasoned and satisfying and the meats were very tender. The restaurant has a hot bar of prepared foods that make quick ‘order and go’ options like a veggie platter or protein with sides. The portions were generous enough that we were able to save some for lunch the next day. We can’t wait to go back and try more dishes  like the kabobs and biryani dishes. The paper menu from the restaurant says that they deliver,  but there isn’t any information about that on their website.  We recommend checking it out and hope the restaurant really takes off.

Spice of Bukhara is located at 204 Michigan Avenue NE in the small strip mall across from Trinity Washington University, and near the Basilica. Their Facebook page is here.

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