Col. Brooks’ Tavern To Sell Off Memorabilia, Restaurant Supplies This Saturday

Interested in buying a piece of Brookland history? Or just in the market for some restaurant equipment? This flyer has been posted on the Colonel Brooks’ Tavern door and windows. The sale will be this Saturday, September 22, from 2pm – 5pm at the restaurant. I call first dibs on the photo of Col. Brooks that hung above the bar!Colonel Brooks' Tavern Closing Sale Brookland NE Washington DC

7 thoughts on “Col. Brooks’ Tavern To Sell Off Memorabilia, Restaurant Supplies This Saturday”

  1. That’s a good one to look forward to! I am actually looking for restaurant supplies to complete the list before we open our resto-bar in a few weeks. We are having a hard time looking for some affordable yet exquisite restaurant supplies. I hope coming to this on Saturday will help solve our purchasing issues.

  2. I stopped by and pick up a fantastic pizza peel, a bamboo steamer, a pair of tongs and I had to grab one of their menus for old time sake! So long CB, it’s been a nice relationship.

    1. Yeah, we got some menus and a planter. It was hard to resist some of the more hard-core restaurant supplies like the frying pans. Kind of sad to see the place so empty, it really hit home today that it is really done.

  3. When my brother heard about this memorabiloia sell off, he got really excited. He even marked his calendar for that. He’s a fan of old things, and he wants to put it in his small cafeteria. He got a very good deal on some stuffs I believe.

  4. I just realized that Colonel Brooks has closed it doors forever, does anyone know where I could get a T-shirt or any memorabilia ?

    Dina Rosenthal

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