Huacatay Peruvian Restaurant Coming To 4th Street NE

Huacatay Peruvian RestaurantIf you are like us, you already miss Silvestre’s yummy roasted chicken. That’s why we were excited to hear that a new Peruvian restaurant featuring roasted chicken will be opening soon in nearby Edgewood. The restaurant, Huacatay, is named after a Peruvian type of black mint that is often used in sauces. We don’t know much more about the restaurant, but we will let you know when we learn anything new. Huacatay will be located at 2314 4th Street NE (across from the entrance to the Forman Mill’s parking lot).

2 thoughts on “Huacatay Peruvian Restaurant Coming To 4th Street NE”

  1. When is Huacatay actually going to open!? We talked to someone working on the place last year, and they indicated that they planned to open in May 2016. What on earth could be the hold up!?

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